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Social Performance Management

Sinapi Aba employs “Social Performance Management” (S.P.M) in its operations. The application of S.P.M provides a medium through which the transformation agenda of touching lives and creating wealth for our vulnerable clients can be measured. It is an effective means by which an institution can translate its mission into practice in line with accepted social values.

The Sinapi Aba S.P.M uses a combination of research methods to evaluate the financial and social output of our operations. This is to ensure our goals are achieved and manifest in the lives of our beneficiaries and societal development in general. Research Surveys such as Client Satisfaction Surveys, market Surveys, Transformation Surveys, Outreach Surveys, Mystery shopping, Client Exit Surveys, Net Promoter Score and more provides information about our various products and services and the impact on our clients and beneficiaries.

Sinapi Aba S.P.M is a valuable tool for measuring social and financial impact to scale up our performance and contribution to socio-economic development in Ghana. It also stages a platform for the institution to be a good steward of its clients’ portfolio.


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